• Homebuyers who are concerned about mold problems at a property
  • Homebuyers who have health concerns regarding asthma and allergies
  • Homeowners who notice respiratory problems or increased allergies
  • Homes with moisture and or mold growth

Mold and air quality problems always come from some type of moisture problem at a property. If you see visible mold in your property it must be corrected, and this can only be accomplished by eliminating the moisture source for the mold. Oftentimes these problems may be hidden behind walls, ceilings, carpets etc. Therefore, air sampling is an important part of any type of mold investigation.

D-Tech utilizes the latest technology for our testing services. A standard mold screening will include a visual assessment of the property to identify any potential moisture problems as well as visible mold growth. A moisture meter is used during this process to identify any elevated moisture content in various substrates throughout the structure. Wipes samples are taken of any visible mold growth. Additionally, a minimum of three air samples are taken to determine mold spore counts in the air. One exterior sample and a minimum of two interior samples are taken. The interior samples are compared against the exterior sample to identify any significantly elevated readings which would indicate the structure is generating a mold spore hazard.